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I knew it was hard for Panda’s to find mates, but this behavior is ridiculous…

First they ape our messaging, then they gazump our speaking slot at the ChatOps Meetup @ Geekdom on Thursday, December 11, 2014 @ 6:30 PM

Our Man Richard Whitehead (Micromuse, Splunk, EMC SMARTS) or as we know him, “The Reverend” (be sure to ask him how he married his Sister in the Deep South!) was due to ride in on his classic BSA and show what we’re up to with ChatOps in the Incident.MOOG Situation Room…
However…someone pulled some strings with some mates and before you could say “shenanigans”, The Reverend was Out and Bigpanda were in…in his place…hmmm.
Anyway, regardless of the result, if you want to find out what the DevOps buzz is around Moogsoft and, why Incident.MOOG is assuring service of more than 500,000 Managed Entities (spanning Apps, NfV’s, VMs/OpenStack, physical Compute, Storage and Networking), with some of the most progressive IT thinkers in market leading companies, the Moogsoft team, including Richard Whitehead (Micromuse, Splunk), Dougie Stephenson (no introduction required!), CTO David Casper (technical leadership at the ODBC…ex-CTO UBS, ServiceMesh) and others, will be at the ChatOps Meetup and you can ask them what we’re up to in person 🙂
By the way, we think Incident.MOOG delivers the first end-to-end “Chat Enabled Operations” platform…challenge our team!
Sorry I can’t be there – pre-arranged trip to Europe coincided!

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