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Triggering Article 50 is Insane.

An open letter to the Members of Parliament of U.K. plc.

Dear Rt. Hon. and Hon. Members of Parliament

Could you please explain to me why leaving the European Union is a good thing for us, as Subjects of the Queen of the United Kingdom .

Looking at our country from the perspective of a simpleton, I see the following:

  * We don’t have enough people (aging population requires immigration)

  * We don’t have natural resources (no Coal, Iron, etc.)

  * We don’t own any of the Companies that provide major Manufacturing jobs in our country 

  * We don’t own our Water (the majority of the companies are under foreign ownership)

  * We don’t own our Public Transport (the majority of Bus and Train companies are under foreign ownership)

  * We don’t own our Power (the majority of the Power companies are under foreign ownership)

  * We don’t own our Oil (and it looks more and more likely that Scotland will exit the Union within 10 Years)

  * We don’t have an Empire (or Opium sales to China!) to underpin our economy

  * Fracking is not the answer to our problems (as anyone who has seen the documentary “Gasland” will know)

Now perhaps if the economy shrinks (which it must inevitably) then there will be fewer jobs and so a corresponding reduction in the need for immigration would make sense, however the innevitable consequence of leaving the European Union has to be inflation and unemployment.

A “Free” Trade agreement with the United States will not benefit the UK, it will be to the benefit of the colonial, imperial United States. A review of that country’s imperial history over the last 200 Years is a good guide to what will happen, the UK essentially becoming a US protectorate (think Puerto Rico and Grenada [read “The Imperial Cruise” and “The Devil’s Chessboard” ), with:

Even Winston Churchill recognized the importance of a united Europe with U.K. plc. as a central player. (Didn’t write about that did you Boris!).

Please respond to help convince me that an exit from the European Union will not reduce our salaries, increase our inflation, reduce the value of the Great British Pound, increase unemployment and, turn our workers (those that are left with a job) into wage slaves, working the arbitrage salary slave game to retain their employment.

Please note: I am neither Pro-EU or against the EU. I am pro-free movement of people and, simply cannot comprehend how a country without Resources, Industry, Infrastructure or an Empire to provide a commonwealth, can sustain itself in the global economy.

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